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- Regular Tips Acrylic New Set
- White Tips Acrylic New Set
- Overlay Acrylic New Set
- Crystal Design Tips New Set
- Pink & White New Set
- Glitters New Set
- Gel IBD New Set w/Tips
- Gel IBD Overlay New Set
- Regular Manicure
- Deluxe Manicure

*** Nails Services can be performed on both men & women:
Fancy Nails & Spa Shop staff always try our best to provide the finest customers’ services with the highest quality products in order to retain our loyal clients and welcome new clients. All Manicures and Pedicures services are performed by our professional, Board licensed manicurists.

** Spa Manicures Services:

Regular Manicures-
we start with carefully trim, shape, buff, and finally removal of excess cuticles; we then treat your nails with peach hand lotion and total arm massage to relax your tired muscles.

Deluxe Manicure In addition to the regular manicure steps, our staff carefully adds more lotions and Salt Scrubs/Cooling Gel-which contain 100% pure essential oils in rich botanical hydrating lotion- to exfoliate the dead skins while benefiting from the paraffin moisturizing treatment, which also help soften dry hands and cuticles-leaving your hands skins feeling hydrating and smoothing textures.

Fancy Nails & Spa Shop has thousand of nails designs for you to choose from-whether it is your real nails and artificial nails-we can create beautiful sets of nails according to your desire. Below are a few fashionable nails designs to choose from-we have so many more designs at our shop.

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